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Being John Malkovich is a movie about being someone else. A couple, the husband and the wife fall in love with the same woman. They could go in the mind of John Malkovich for 15 mins each time. The hushand has more power. He stayed in John's mind for a couple years.

why,why?any question?Be stronger,be more powerful,be more more brilliant,be the man let the person feel better who u love.I did really worse.so,what hell are you doing bro?

My wife is very important to me.

It is a special story. If you have ever thought being someone eles, don't miss Being John Malkovich.

what,What should I do?I have realized that I am such a reversal guy.Don't told me that you are a good person,what you need just confidence.Bull shit!I know who I am,I know...am I?

I can't recover from breaking up with u.

Do you want to be someone eles? I have never thought about it. And i don't want to be anyone eles.

I need to change?but how to .

Guess what? I'm pregnant. 你猜怎么着,我怀孕了。 --Really?

who,just me,no one else,no one could find your real idea,mind,emotion.Because i couldn't tell about it,all of these things,It just your own bussiness.Don't share,don't ask for help.I am the key to the problem.

I love my wife. 我爱我的妻子.

I am a weird guy?Maybe just a injured old man.I'm joking,233.Be happy to live,should it be difficult? 

I don't want to get married yet.

If you really be calm down,just shut off this web page.But I don't,I need someone to talk,no contact,just talk.To be honest,I feel loneliness now,no one knew my real world.may there is a person exist who I am looking for.Please,come to my life and don't leave.Let's fight against the darkness together.

I can't get over losing you. 我不能失去你 .

when,when the thought came out?A long time ago.


I want to save my love,I want to save my fault,I want to save everything that should be.Just thought it should be saved by myself.

How's your married life?婚后生活怎么样? --Not bad.不错

where,everywhere,especially at the night.


When,where,who,why,what.I asked myself.on the top of apartment,under the night sky,looking the plane pass by.smoking,thinking my life.

Don't break my heart.请不要伤我的心

we all need to change,may need to change all what we want to.

Are you seeing someone now? 你现在是不是和谁交往了?

how,I have no idea about it.Firstly,kill my lazy.right?Be a sunshine man with warm.clean my brain up,throw those thought such as everything about her, about the past of you two,about the time you waste,about every your faults.


Breaking up is hard to do. 和你分手是我最大的痛苦

We're very similar.


I had an affair with my secretary. 我和我的秘书有了私情.

I don't want to get engaged yet.


You're not the same as before.

I want to break up.

We argued for hours.

We just don't get along. 我俩合不来了

We don't get along anymore.

I haven't thought about marriage yet.

My wife's a two-timer. 叛徒

Like husband, like wife.

I've reconsidered.

I want to grow old together. 白头到老

When will you be ready?

Will you be my wife/husband?

I'm separated from my wife.


My wife's having an affair. 私情

I'm not ready for married life yet.

I'm a family man.

Don't make me sad.

I'm a family-centered person.

How's married life?

We're two of a kind. 我俩性格相似

I think of my wife first.我首先想到的是我的妻子.

It's a girl.

I'm expecting.

What did she have? 怀的是男孩还是女孩?

I want to share the rest of my life with u.



She wants to start a family. 她想要个孩子.

He's a newlywed. 他刚刚结婚.

Will you marry me? 愿意和我结婚吗?

We had a big disagreement.

I've changed my mind.我已经改变心意了.

We're happy together now. 我们俩都感到很幸福.

My wife's secretly dating someone else.

make up 和好,言归于好

I don't think we should get engaged yet.

He is newly married.

I'm very close to my wife.


Let's get divorced. 我们离婚吧.

That goes for all of us.我们都同意这一点

He looks very happy lately.

We're a well-matched couple.

I'm not ready to settle down yet.


My wife's cheating on me. 我老婆有外遇

I don't see eye to eye with my wife.我和妻子没什么共同语言

You have changed.你变了.


I thought I knew you. 我想我很了解你

Anything goes. 什么都行

I don't enjoy being with you.和你在一起没意思.

I'm hesitant to marry her.

We fight a lot.我们经常吵架.

I hesitate to marry her.

We had a falling-out. 我们感情不和

We can work it out. 问题总会解决的

We are living separately now.

He just got married.

We as a husband and a wife don't have any fights. 我们夫妻从不吵架.

I'm not sure if I want to marry her.


We don't have any fun anymore.


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Yes, I will marry you.

I don't love you anymore.

*get over从..中恢复,重新站起;

Family man.拖家带口的人

I can't forget you.

Actually, no.

I don't love my wife any more.

I love you but I can't marry you.

I'm going to have a baby.

Do you two fight? --Yes, we fight a lot.